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Pakawau Beachside Cabins 

Our Beach side cabins all have their own kitchens. These contain a fridge / freezer, cutlery and crockery, a two-hob cooker, electric frying pan, microwave, bench top oven, electric jug and toaster. The beds have a fitted sheet over the mattress and pillows with pillowcases.
The rest of the bedding will need to be provided by the camper. These cabins do not have showers or toilets. Each cabin has a deck with sea views. They sleep between 4 to 6 people. Some cabins have recently been renovated; these are available on a first served basis.
Pakawau Beach Camp-9.jpg
Pakawau Beach Camp-6.jpg

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Pakawau Beach Camp-8.jpg
Pakawau Beach Camp-7.jpg
Pakawau Beach Camp-4.jpg
Pakawau Beach Camp-22.jpg
Pakawau Beach Camp-18.jpg
Pakawau Beach Camp-43.jpg
Pakawau Beach Camp-16.jpg
Pakawau Beach Camp-23.jpg

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Pakawau Beach Camp-44.jpg
Pakawau Beach Camp-20.jpg

Beach House

Our Beach House is fully self-contained. All linen is provided. It has a private lawn facing the beach and sleeps 5 people. 
Pakawau Beach Camp-48.jpg
Pakawau Beach Camp-46.jpg
Pakawau Beach Camp-47.jpg
Pakawau Beach Camp-45.jpg
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